How I monitor my position on the waiting lists of

I am in the process of getting myself a new apartment. This is why I signed myself up for the website on which I can sign myself up for a rented apartment at a selection of dormitories and alike.
It is not possible to get an estimate on the approximate time I have to wait on waiting lists, but I can see my number in the waiting list of all the buildings I have signed myself up to.
This is why I build myself a small python script which logs me in, fetches the list of buildings I have signed myself up to, fetches my position in the queue and appends this to a CSV datafile.
In case you would like to feel inspired by this, feel free to fetch this for personal non-commercial use.
This tool can be ran by downloading it and naming it something like original like “”.
Afterwards run it with the following parameters:

  • -u or –username : Your username on
  • -p or –password : Your password on
  • -o or –output : The .csv datafile that you would like to append your data to.
  • -l or –log : The level of logging you would like: Either, error, warning, info or debug.

You could for example run:

python -u name -p pass -o placements.csv -l debug

This will crawl and produce a CSV datafile, appending to it if ran multiple times, with a date stamp as the first column and every other column begin the position in the queue of a particular building, represented with the buildings unique identifier.
BTW: The script understands if the buildings are removed or added from the wishlist on the website.
I also did a small spreadsheet to visualize the data, this links to an external document, which could be placements.csv outputted above.

Click here to download the ODS visualizing the placements.

The script can also be downloaded directly from github.

import argparse
import logging
import sys
import re
import time
import json
import csv
import datetime
import requests
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class FindBoligNuClient:
	URL_base = ""
	URL_secure_base = ""
	URL_login = URL_base+"logind.aspx"
	URL_venteliste = URL_base+"Findbolig-nu/Min-side/ventelisteboliger/opskrivninger.aspx?"
	URL_placement = URL_secure_base+"Services/WaitlistService.asmx/GetWaitlistRank"
	session = requests.Session()
	def __init__(self):"Initializing the client")
		response = self.session.get(self.URL_base)
		if "" not in response.text:
			log.error("It seems like the website is down or has changed a lot.")
	def login(self, username, password):"Logging into %s using username '%s'", FindBoligNuClient.URL_login, username)
		# Fetch the regular login page.
		response = self.session.get(self.URL_login)
		# Extract input names and values
		data = dict()
		content = response.text
		input_fields = re.findall("<input(.*)>", content, flags=re.IGNORECASE)
		for field in input_fields:
			name = re.findall('.*name="([^"]*)".*', field)
			value = re.findall('.*value="([^"]*)".*', field)
			if name:
				if value:
					data[name[0]] = value[0]
					data[name[0]] = ""
		data["ctl00$placeholdercontent_1$txt_UserName"] = username
		data["ctl00$placeholdercontent_1$txt_Password"] = password
		data["__EVENTTARGET"] = "ctl00$placeholdercontent_1$but_Login"
		data["__EVENTARGUMENT"] = ""
		response =, data=data)
		if "Log af" in response.text:
			# Extract users full name.
			name ='<span id="fm1_lbl_userName">(.*)&nbsp;</span>', response.text)"Logged in as %s",
			return True
			return False
	def extract_waitinglist_references(self):
		result = []
		response = self.session.get(self.URL_venteliste)
		table_content ='<table[^>]*id="GridView_Results"[^>]*>(.*?)</table>', response.text, flags=re.IGNORECASE|re.DOTALL)
		if table_content:
			table_content =
			rows = re.findall('<tr class="rowstyle"[^>]*>(.*?)</tr>', table_content, flags=re.IGNORECASE|re.DOTALL)
			for row in rows:
				#collumn = re.findall('<td[^>]*>(.*?)</td>', row, flags=re.IGNORECASE|re.DOTALL)
				bid ='href="/Ejendomspraesentation.aspx?bid=([^"]*)"', row, flags=re.IGNORECASE|re.DOTALL)
				if bid:
					bid = int(
		return result
	def extract_waitinglist_placements(self, bids, sleep=1):
		result = {}
		for bid in bids:
			log.debug("Requesting placement on building #%u.", bid)
			data = {
				'buildingId': bid
			headers = {
				'Content-Type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8'
			response =, data=json.dumps(data), headers=headers)
			if response:
				response = response.json()
				if response["d"] and response["d"]["WaitPlacement"]:
					result[str(bid)] = int(response["d"]["WaitPlacement"])
					log.debug("It was %u.", result[str(bid)])
					raise RuntimeError("Error reading a placement: Error in JSON structure.")
				raise RuntimeError("Error reading a placement.")
		return result
def write_data(data):
	fieldnames_temp = set()
		output_file = open(args.output,'r')
		reader = csv.DictReader(output_file, delimiter=',')
		all_data = list(reader)
		# Extract the fieldnames
		if reader.fieldnames:
			for name in reader.fieldnames:
				if name != "date":
	except IOError:"There was no existing data in the datafile.")
		all_data = list()
	# Do a union over all elements of the list.
	fieldnames = ["date"]
	fieldnames_temp |= set(data.keys())
	# Insert the date as the first field.
	data["date"] =
	# Add this datapoint as new data.
	output_file = open(args.output,'wb')
	writer = csv.DictWriter(output_file, delimiter=',', fieldnames=fieldnames)
if __name__ == "__main__":
	parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
	parser.add_argument('-u', '--username', help='Your username on', required=True)
	parser.add_argument('-p', '--password', help='Your password on', required=True)
	parser.add_argument('-o', '--output', help='The output file.', required=True)
	parser.add_argument('-l', '--log', help='Set the log level to debug.', default='WARNING')
	args = parser.parse_args()
	numeric_level = getattr(logging, args.log.upper(), None)
	if not isinstance(numeric_level, int):
		raise ValueError('Invalid log level: %s' % args.log)
	logging.basicConfig(format='%(levelname)st%(message)s', level=numeric_level)
	print " venteliste extractor v.0.1n"
	client = FindBoligNuClient()
	success = client.login(args.username, args.password)
	if not success:
		log.error("Couldn't login using the credentials provided.")
	# Fetch bids for all buildings on the whishlist.
	venteliste_bids = client.extract_waitinglist_references()
	# Iterate the list of bids and return a dict of the placements.
	venteliste_placements = client.extract_waitinglist_placements(venteliste_bids, 0)
	# Append to the datafile.

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  1. Hallo there.

    You speak of a library named ‘requests’ in line 9 “Inport requests”. But I have a problem about that. The library does not exists at all in the standard installation of python (tried python 3.3.1 and 3.2.4).
    This so-called library, how do you implement it in the python install, or rather, where am I supposed to be able to find in the the big internet !?!


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